Professional Asbuilt Drawing Plans

Buildings are constructed using architectural and engineering drawings. Our asbuilt drawings represent the building as it currently exists, carefully detailing accurate, existing dimensions and conditions. They are not design drawings, which represent the proposed or intended layout of the building. Our drawings are meant to be used when planning the initial renovation, addition, and future construction. By showing the actual current layout of the building, asbuilt plans document renovations, updates, and improvements to the building in a way that facilitates planning for remodels and eliminates surprises during the construction. They are also used to document improvements that have taken place over the course of multiple renovations. 

Uses for Asbuilts

In the past, building drawings were rarely kept current due to the time required to hand-measure and draft a new building plan. As a result, asbuilts were more often created for a specific purpose, such as a renovation, addition, or a Certificate of Occupancy application. Today, with CAD software and electronic measuring programs, it is easier and more cost-effective to update and maintain current building drawings; digital storage capabilities make it easy to store, access and revise drawings too.

At ACS asbuilts, we provide you with the drawings you need and can update them regularly to reflect changes and improvements to your building. The uses for asbuilts are expanding as the technology improves and creating new plans becomes easier. When coupled with the real cost benefits of working from current building drawings for projects, asbuilts are more useful than ever.

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The most common uses for asbuilts include:

  • Planning for proposed renovations, additions, and future construction
  • Capturing improvements and remodeling by tenants
  • BOMA documentation for commercial leasing & marketing opportunities
  • Safety planning for fire and emergency evacuations
  • Checking all limit controls and safety devices
  • Documentation for Certificate of Occupancy applications
  • Asset and property management
  • Landscape design for existing buildings
  • Facilities management (computer-aided facilities management (CAFM)

Scope of Work

At ACS asbuilts, we do more than just architectural Asbuilt surveys and drawings. Below is a list of some of the Asbuilt scope of work options that we can incorporate into your full survey.

Our Services

Commercial As-Builts

ACS asbuilts has created asbuilt drawings for all types of buildings, including commercial, industrial, multifamily, retail, medical, and more.

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Multi-Site Surveying

Our multi-site asbuilt surveying allows us to efficiently provide clients with accurate asbuilt drawings for multiple store locations of a franchise.

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