What is an asbuilt? What are they used for?

Asbuilt drawings are building plans that represent the building as it currently exists, carefully detailing accurate, existing dimensions and conditions.

They are not design drawings, which represent the proposed or intended layout of the building. Our drawings are meant to be used when planning the initial construction. By showing the actual current layout of the building, asbuilt plans document renovations, updates, and improvements to the building in a way that facilitates planning for remodels and eliminates surprises during the construction. They are also used to document improvements for permits, leasing or purchase agreements, or to provide accurate building plans for archiving.

How long does the asbuilt surveying process take?

Transparency throughout the surveying process and open communication define the foundation of our process. Through our streamlined process, we offer our clients a typical turnaround of 5-7 days after project acceptance for our standard asbuilt services. Multi-site surveying projects vary depending on the number of sites.

How much does it cost?

We offer a fixed project cost, so any extraordinary costs or expenses will not surprise you. Exact pricing is determined upon initial contact (subject to change based on square footage, number of sites, etc.). After gathering more information and details about your project, we will prepare a proposal and pricing information for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

Why do I need an asbuilt?

Over time, with remodels, improvements, and modifications, a building’s original drawings become outdated and inaccurate. Or, when drawings are required for work on the building, it is discovered that they are missing, never existed, or never updated during construction to record changes.

Updated drawings are recommended before starting a renovation and reputable construction firms will require them before a commercial renovation or an extensive home renovation. A professional asbuilt drawing will document the current condition and dimensions of the building and the space within it.

By detailing the existing building spaces, the contractor will be forewarned about any potential issues and able to develop a well-informed construction plan. Asbuilts costs between 1-2% of the total project costs, and can save over 10 times that much in cost overruns by identifying issues before they arise.

Asbuilt drawings are often required for permit applications, lease agreements, and legal documents to ensure that the building is accurately represented in the documents. Facilities managers use asbuilts to maintain current drawings for safety and maintenance planning.

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